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Bike-Friendly Supercity Candidates

September 25, 2010

Cycle Action Auckland recently emailed-out a list of candidates who have proven themselves to be bike-friendly in the past.

I’ve been reading through the promotional landfill that clogs my letterbox and they all say the same things don’t they? I’m skeptical about my rates reducing or the storm-water system ever working properly but at least with the following lot cycling issues might get a word-in around the tables of power.

To Cycle Action Friends,

Cycle Action works closely with a number of the region’s politicians – particularly those in Auckland City and North Shore City.  Some of these are standing as candidates for Council and/or Local Board positions. One or two new candidates also have a track record of working with Cycle Action.

Richard Barter – has achieved wonders as Chair of the Mt Roskill Community Board, especially the new Mt Roskill path, and is working on safer cycling for schools.

Ken Baguely –  has helped us deliver safer cycling on Tamaki Drive, the Great Urban Rides and other CAA projects.

Leila Boyle – is a consistent voice for cycling projects for her ward and the wider Auckland City.

Joel Cayford – a staunch everyday cyclist who has worked hard on the ARC and NSCCouncil for new cycling projects.

Pippa Coom – a highly innovative and massively hard worker for endless new cycling events/projects.

Christopher Dempsey – has worked with us for cycling as Chair of his local commmunity board.

Chris Darby – a dedicated promoter for cycling all over the Shore, including retaining and completing the Lake Rd project.

Linda Cooper – has been a leader in delivering results for  new cyclelanes in Waitakere.

Dianne Hale – has worked at Board and Council level to help deliver, retain and extend the Lake Rd cyclelane.

Jim Hannan – has worked as Fullers’ rep to help with Waiheke and City cycle events.

Ann Hartley – has assisted CAA to retain and extend the Lake Rd cyclelane and is working with Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway.

Penny Hulse – has been a leading promoter of cycling projects out West.

Mike Lee – a supporter of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway and has delivered train projects giving cyclists more integrated transport options.

Margaret Miles – a solid defender of the Lake Rd cyclelane and Shore cycling.

Marijke Ransom – a founding committee member and staunch supporter of Cycle Action Waiheke.

Gay Richards –  has worked hard with CAA to improve the Devonport – Takapuna green walk/cycle route.

Denise Roche – has worked consistently for Waiheke and City cycling projects.

Christine Rose– a shining star of everyday cycling, ARC cycling projects and promoter of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway.

Alex Swney – has helped with CAA initiatives and is a strong advocate for the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway.

Lisa Whyte – a sound and reasoned defender of the Lake Rd cyclelane and Shore cycling.

We declare an interest with Pippa Coom, she is Membership Secretary for Cycle Action and a leading light in Frocks on Bikes. Her cycling pedigree is unquestionable.

Some new candidates are clearly keen on cycling – Rob Thomas and Tenby Powell are obvious names. Others candidates focus on public transport or walking projects, which help deliver integrated transport. They are potential allies for cycling.

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