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Supercity T-Shirts. Get em while they’re hot.

September 13, 2010

Supercity Me
Supercity BikeSupercity TrainSupercity BusSupercity Ferry

A small run of tees were printed for the recent ETA launch at Britomart featuring my graphics. They were for sale on the day and Cycle Action Auckland have a handful of each design available, but in limited sizes as some sold-out. They are a quality screen-print on quality tees and came out looking fantastic.

As well as the original bike design there are train, bus and ferry variants representing the public transport alternatives. The back of the shirt has a small line of text with the Easy Transport Auckland website address. Only a couple of woman’s shirts available in the black. All the others are on white Tees. The price is NZD$30 including shipping within New Zealand.

Drop an email to: with your size and design choice and be the smartest dressed cyclist, trainist, busist or ferryist in town.

Buy up large and support your local bike advocate organization. If the demand is there a second run of shirts will be considered.

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