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Newmarket Viaduct Open Day

August 30, 2010

Some more photos from the “Switch” Open Day. The rain managed to back-off for the 45 minutes we got to ride and then came bucketing-down just as we were departing. Wet brake-pads on steel rims led to a chocolate-starfish-moment for me as I careered down the access-ramp at full-tilt and found I had no brakes whatsoever! Screams of “no brakes – coming through” seemed to do the trick as I scythed through a group of riders, white-knuckles on the bars and soles scraping on the pavement.

If this many Aucklanders are turning up to ride their bikes on a stormy winter’s day I think we are in for an urban cycling explosion this summer. Cycling is on-the-up I tell ya!

Thanks to Cycle Action Auckland and NZTA for the opportunity.

Bickerton on the Web

Enhancing my web presence on the ride in.

Viaduct Entance

If you turned-up after 3.15 you missed-out!

Viaduct Unicycles front

It's easier than it looks.

Viaduct Girls

I LOVE families on bikes.

Viaduct Boys

The Viaduct Boys. Dad's the proud new owner of a Brompton folding bike.

Featured in CIA

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