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Community Bike Rides this Weekend

August 26, 2010

Thank god for bike advocates. Well depending on your beliefs, not necessarily a divine being, just something you really cherish, in my case it would be peanut-butter.

This weekend there are three great rides organized in Auckland and two of those are thanks to the hard-working folks of Cycle Action Auckland. I’ve pinched the details off some CAA emails and the Cycling in Auckland website as I’m no more in the “loop” than you guys. If it’s not raining cats & dogs I’ll be getting along to at least one of these.

The Details:

1. The BIG Auckland Bike Ride. Saturday 28th August, 9:30am departure from Ley’s Institute, St Mary’s Bay.  Check it out here or if you’re on facebook here.

“Meet 9.30am outside the Ley’s Institute in St Mary’s Bay. We’ll cycle along Ponsonby Road, K’Rd, Grafton Bridge, through to Newmarket, down Parnell Rise, around Beach Road and then up Queen Street finishing at the Central City Library.”

2. Cycle along Manukau’s newest motorway. Saturday 28th August, 1-2pm (last access will be 1:30pm), Entry and exit is via the eastbound on-ramp at Cavendish Drive. More info here.

3. A Once in a Lifetime Chance to ride on the Newmarket Viaduct. Sunday 29th August, 2:45-3:30pm, – entry and exit via St Marks Rd.

So drag your bike out of the shed, persuade a friend to join in the fun and get out and support cycling in Auckland. These events attract all shapes and sizes, there is no bike-snobbery involved and the viaduct and motorway rides are ideal for wearing-out the children. Everyone had fun at the Mangere Bridge ride but the kids (and there were some pretty small ones) just went nutso on the wide-open expanse of tarseal. It’s quite a novel and liberating feeling riding your bike on a motorway.

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