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Open Day: The “New” Mangere Bridge

July 27, 2010

On Sunday I loaded my bike, daughter and cycle-trailer in the car and headed south for the new Manukau Harbour Crossing open day. The weather was faultless as we ducked and weaved our road-train through pedestrians returning from their allocated time-slot. A quick glide over the old bridge and we were soon crunching across the gravel that passed under the current bridge to the temporary access stairs.

The event was well organized and there was a bevy of friendly muscle in orange safety-vests assisting the riding public get bikes, children, and in my case children “in” bike-trailers up the stairs and onto the new bridge.

Yours truly and The Midget Assassin.

There was a good turnout and I was delighted to see lots of everyday cyclists and family groups enjoying the sunshine. Kids on bikes always bring a smile to my face and there were plenty of them about, burning-up the tarmac like they owned the place.

All shapes and sizes.
Cycle Dude.
Cycle Dudette.

The views were impressive and I spotted a pathway leading from the Onehunga side east towards Waikaraka Cemetery that we investigated before returning home. This starts as a boardwalk and soon transitions into a lovely “share with care” path that follows the foreshore all the way to Southdown. What a facility, made this North Shore boy very jealous of the local bicycle infrastructure.

Thanks to Cycle Action Auckland for the email alert, I probably would have missed it otherwise. A great afternoon in the sun!

Heading back to Onehunga on the Manukau Foreshore Path.
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