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Bicycle racks installed in Mairangi Bay

June 19, 2010

New rack at the entrance to Green Gables

In what must be the most laid-back example of bicycle advocacy in history Bike Friendly North Shore got the ball rolling on installing some bicycle racks in Mairangi Bay.

This is my local shopping centre and is very convenient to ride to by bike. When I get there however I am forced to lock the bike to whatever is at hand. Outside Foodtown it’s a bench, the Post Office has a post, Green Gables a rubbish bin and Paper Moon a well positioned tree. I mentioned this over dinner to my wife who has worked in Mairangi Bay for many years. She had a word to Carole from the Business Association (who must have a good relationship with the Council) and hey presto, a couple of months later we have two shiny new racks! They are both on the Southern side of Beach Road, the one above at the entrance to Green Gables and the other opposite Paper Moon.

Thanks to Carole McMinn of the Mairangi Bay Business Association and the North Shore City Council for acting so quickly and responding to community input.

Bike Friendly North Shore wasn’t formed with any political intent, we just use bikes for transport in an urban setting and by example encourage others to join in the fun. We aren’t bicycle advocates, we just advocate bicycles!

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  1. Unity permalink
    June 20, 2010 11:39 am

    You lucky blighter! I have been on at the council for bike racks outside my apartment for months and months. They’ve been giving me the run around for ages even though they have admitted that it would be good to put some in, but the latest excuse is that they are waiting until the bike rack strategy has been finished – it isn’t rocket science but apparently they now need a strategy!

  2. June 20, 2010 11:46 am

    Boo, hiss ACC, you’ll have to move over the bridge Unity. Although unfortunately we will have a common council shortly :^(

    I’ll put a version of this post over on CIA.

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