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Red Bull Mini Drome

April 19, 2010

The fixed-gear phenomenon that’s swept the world in the last decade has barely made a showing in New Zealand. I guess that’s due to the overriding car-culture we have in the Antipodes. That’s a shame, as if there’s one thing that will get young people riding bikes it’s if they think it’s cool, and fixies are cool beyond doubt.

I’d spotted a grand total of two fixed-gear bikes this side of the bridge in the last four years but saw three this weekend, so maybe times are changing. It’s certainly not a fad that’s going away in any particular hurry. Much like skateboarding it’s continuing to grow and evolve. 

A beautiful fixed-gear bike.


My fixed-gear at Long Bay Regional Park - Probably not what they have in mind.


Earlier this month the Red Bull Mini Drome was held in a K’Road bar. They managed to construct what must be the smallest velodrome ever inside and it looked like a great night. 

I wish I had known about this earlier as I ride my mountainbike fixed and could have given it a go. That’s if they’d let an old guy with 4″ wide tyres compete! Maybe next time.

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