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East Coast Road Share with Care almost completed

March 20, 2010


Approaching Constellation Drive

Heading downhill from Sunset Road to Constellation Drive


The combined bicycle and pedestrian path from Forrest Hill Reservoir to Constellation Drive looks almost finished. Just a bit of landscaping and signage and I guess they’re done. The section above will need some sort of railing as there’s a bit of a drop-off to the left that might catch-out the tired commuter or tricycle pilot. 

I expressed some doubts over the project in Bike Friendly’s very first post but in a classic example of “build it and they will come” I am seeing more and more locals using the facility. Lots of pedestrian, stroller, scooter and skateboard activity and a new phenomenon made possible by the considerable width of the path – High-Speed-Bicycle-Dog-Walking. That last one still looks scary but the extra width will undoubtedly cut down on “leash/lamppost” incidents and keep both the ACC and SPCA happy in one hit.

Corner of Constellation Drive

Path ends where Contstellation Drive meets East Coast Road


I ride this section of road on my work commute and although initially I didn’t think I’d be using the path at all, if the traffic is heavy, and there are cars parked at the curb, I’ve been hopping up onto it for a bit of separation from the tin-tops.

I work late into the night and if I finish much after 11pm on a Thursday or Friday I’ve been riding the path on the way home as well. Riding south against the traffic, and because of the physical separation, I haven’t had one bottle or burger thrown at me yet, an all too common occurrence when you’re riding at that hour of the night.

What we really need, a kind of North Shore cycling utopia, is completely separated bicycle lanes from Devonport to Northcross, but we’ll fight that battle on another day. Lets get more people out there using bikes for transport first and that day will surely come. I’ll probably be in an electric wheelchair by that stage so I’ll be on the Share with Care anyway, but someone’s got to dream the dream!

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