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Adventures of a Shy Marketeer

February 21, 2010

Sunday was a great day to be out on a bike so I grabbed the singlespeed and cruised down to Takapuna to check out the Contact Tri Series. Cycling was a good choice as Takapuna was chocka with cars and spectators and I rode straight past the road-blocks and onto the beach for the start of the Elite woman’s race. No parking problems when you arrive by bike!

Andrea Hewitt

My Sport’s photojournalism leaves something to be desired. This is 85% of Andrea Hewitt, third place finisher and first Kiwi home.

I had some mock-ups of the BFNS cards in my pocket and on the spur of the moment accosted the first cyclists I came across, a family unloading bikes from their car. This was a family after my own heart. I didn’t do a head-count but the footpath was littered with as many bikes as my tribe can muster so I’m guessing there were at least three kids along for the ride. Quite what they thought of a tall skinny freak pulling up on a purple snow-bike and (undoubtedly) talking at the speed-of-light I don’t know, but they were very gracious, accepted a card, and I was on my way as quickly as I had arrived. 


Giveaway Card Mock-ups

Most stylish Icecream vendor in town

A couple on a beautiful pair of beach cruisers caught my eye so I rode over and tried to spread the Bike Friendly love. Thrusting a business card in someone’s hand and ranting about a website is (on reflection) usually going to end badly and this was no exception, they couldn’t have been less interested in the concept and probably thought I was trying to sell them something or start a cult. I need to sharpen-up my sales pitch, that’s for sure. 

After this miserable failure I abandoned internet marketing for the afternoon and chilled out to watch the racing. That was a lot more fun!


Cruiser Dude

Cruiser Dudette

Smok’n past the library

 My bike in its natural environment

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