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Go by Bike Day Breakfast – 2010

February 16, 2010

Every year the North Shore Go by Bike Day Breakfast is held in the square beside the Takapuna Library. If you are even considering commuting to work by bike this is a good day to start. You can join one of four police-escorted group rides that converge on Takapuna from the different corners of the Shore or make your own way at your own pace. As long as you arrive by bike there’s a good selection of food and beverages available and ample opportunity to mingle with bike commuters of all shapes and sizes.

I’m not the kind of guy to turn-down a free meal so I rolled out of bed today at 6.15am to join the Windsor Park group ride. My brain is not functioning properly at that time of the morning as I don’t start work until 10am but despite wobbling up the road in the dark still half-asleep I was the first one there! The pace was moderate as we cruised along East Coast Road but probably a bit fast for the beginners in the group. Local bike group The Pickled Pedallers were acting as marshals so they made sure no-one was left behind.

What a great event. Lots of food available for the crowd of 400 and a real “feel-good” vibe. This year the square was filled with round tables (complete with jugs of orange juice) and that led to lots of chatting amongst diners that at times drowned-out the speeches from the stage. 

Free food, free drink, free bike-checks, quality entertainment, lots of bike-related give-aways and spot prizes, why wouldn’t you go? 

I’ll be back next year for sure.

Assembling at Windsor Park for one of the four police-escorted group rides


The Breakfast Crowd. Round tables this year like an outdoor restaurant.


Cool Dude on a Cool Chopper makes an entrance.


Tony from jumps over a volunteer from the audience.


Lots of spot prize giveaways. I chose a bell, most useful!

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