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Climate Tour de Shore: A Fossil Fuel Free Odyssey!

October 7, 2015

The last “Tour de Shore” I participated in was a pedal-powered pub-crawl around North Shore dens’ of iniquity. Reader Steve sent in details of a ride designed to stop a global headache, not induce a localised one!

Here’s the blurb straight from the horse’s mouth…

The Climate Tour de Shore: A Fossil Fuel Free Odyssey is being organised by a group of North Shore residents keen to see meaningful action at the upcoming Paris Climate talks. It should be lots of fun and an engaging way for folk across the Shore to ask for a clean energy future for our kids.

This free community event consists of a 1/2 day tour around the Shore, using ‘clean energy’ (fossil fuel free) transport (bikes, electric bikes, and electric cars) visiting some local landmarks (e.g. beaches & reserves).

Sunday 8th November, 10am to 2pm

The motivation for the event is to help raise awareness of the need for more action on climate change, and is timed for the lead-up to the major international conference in December (and the global series of marches on the last weekend of November – 28th for Auckland).


People can get involved in one of two ways…

  1. Join the tour on your bicycle*, electric bike*, or electric vehicle.
    * Suitable for experienced on-road cyclists only – participants will be required to accept personal responsibility 
  2. Come along to the tour stop nearest your home to show your support for our message – ‘a clean energy future for our kids!’

At each ‘stop’ on the tour, we’ll have a small family-friendly festivity and the obligatory photo opportunity! Local press will be invited, so that we can publicise the event and raise awareness.

FaceBook_Icon_32x32px  FaceBook Event Page

At this stage, the tour stops are expected to be Browns Bay Beach (start), Albany Domain (Albany), Onepoto Domain, and Takapuna Beach (finish). The approximate distance between the stops are 7km, 13km and 6km.

We’re approaching a variety of local community groups to see if they’d like to be involved, including ecological restoration groups, primary and secondary schools, cycling advocacy groups, and electric vehicle enthusiasts.

If you’d like to be involved, or to find out more, please contact Phil ( or 021 835146).

Intended schedule and route:

  • 10am – Meet at Browns Bay
  • 10:30am – Leave for Albany (6.7km, 30 minutes) via Bute Road, Oaktree Avenue, Spencer Road, McLymonts Road, Civic Crescent, Appian Way, SH29 (short distance), Oteha Valley Road Ext, Dairy Flat Highway
  • 11:15am – Stop at Albany Domain, Albany
  • 11:45am – Leave for Onepoto Domain (12.9km, 52 minutes) via Albany Highway, Chivalry Road, Sunnybrae Road, Lake Road, Exmouth Road
  • 12:45pm – Stop at Onepoto Domain
  • 1:15pm – Leave for Takapuna Beach (5.7km, 24 minutes) via Exmouth Road, College Road, Akoranga Drive, Esmonde Road, Lake Road, The Strand
  • 1:45pm – Arrive at Takapuna Beach

The “It’s all about me” Photodump

September 13, 2015

As our seven loyal readers may have picked-up on, things have been a bit quiet around here. There’s been plenty to write about, I apologize, but I haven’t had the time or the energy.

It’s been six weeks of work-madness, kids’ sport, sickness, injury & misery. I even managed to crash my bike, something I haven’t done (on the road) for twenty five years! I know I’m still sick, because ten minutes before I sat down to type this I put instant coffee in the dishwasher dispenser, doh!

Anyway, with lungs full of gunge, and a knee that won’t bend, I’ve still been riding, it’s my lifeblood. Something to look forward to when you’re down, and still the best way to get around.

What follows is a smattering of my bike-life of late, hope you enjoy them (click for big). I’ll hit the keyboard again when I’ve got my mojo back. – Antoine

Fun Rides Around The Burbs

Look at the two photos below. How could you live in Auckland, ride a bike, and not love life?

When I sell my house and buy a small Caribbean island, I’m going to miss this place.


Chill’n with the fat-girl on Mt Victoria with a sore throat and a warm heart, before getting wet & cold on the spin home.


How ’bout them views? J F Kennedy Memorial Walkway, Castor Bay.

The Work Commute

Most of my riding is to work and back. When I’m not pushed for time I take the long way, take it easy, and take photos. I love bicycle commuting!


Denis the 12-Speed resting after getting me home safely.


After years of use I still marvel at the beauty of these MonkeyLights.


Denis has spots.


My Surly Cross-Check is much more low-key. Resting on Beach Road opposite Pupuke Golf Course.


With a cyclocross bike you can ride trails on you way to work. This is deep inside Centennial Park, Campbells Bay.


Or ride up the stupidly steep bank behind Gilmours in Constellation Drive.

A visit to T Whites Bikes

Part museum, part bike-nerd hangout. This is a real bike shop where both the staff and the walls are covered in oil. I meet some nice people in bike shops, but most have that new-car-dealership vibe about them. Lots of expensive shiny things on offer, but no passion, no knowledge and no soul. T Whites is not that kind of place.


Drool, old skool Kos Kruiser. When you’re 6’5″ you appreciate a BMX with 26″ wheels.


Speaking of 26′ wheels, what about a Specialized Rock Combo from the late 80s? Too cool.

Beach Crawling

I’ve had this strip of sand and rock to myself the last decade, but with fat-bikes commonly available now it was only a matter of time before I had some company.


Rocky road at Torbay.


As the yoof say, “nature is metal.” You encounter many different surfaces and textures riding the coast.


Met Steve walking his furry friends along Churchill beach a few week back. Nice guy, nice dogs, nice entry-level fatty from our advertiser Evolution Bikes.

Getting out of Town

If you get the chance to visit Mercer, don’t. But if you have sons that row and you’re stuck there for the day, take your bike. Some beautiful riding down there in the Waikato.


In this metropolis rowing clubs outnumber McDonalds three to one. That’s not such a bad thing.


A day in the country.


Sunday Best Ride: The Golden Age of Cycling

September 1, 2015


Join Auckland Tweed Run on a shared, marshaled ride to celebrate the Golden Age of cycling – and the return of the Golden Age, as bike-culture blossoms once more across Auckland.

In the spirit of the great London Tweed Rides, you’ll form a rolling parade of glamour and gaiety, on a leisurely 15km loop from The Auckland Domain to the Rose Gardens, via Ponsonby and the waterfront. A Metropolitan Cycle Ride With a Bit of Style!

Ditch the lycra in favour of looks, and dress to impress, from whichever biking era suits your fancy. All ages and stages welcome.

Grab a ticket over at Eventbrite and join in the fun. For your $5 (+ booking fee) you get a pre-ride refreshment at the Auckland Domain start and the organizers can gauge how many ladies and gents will be attending.

When: Sunday 4th October, 12-4pm
Where: Starts at Auckland Domain

What happens during one hour of riding your bicycle?

August 26, 2015

I’m lost in a fog of nightshift sleep-deprivation at the moment, but the graphic below caught my eye.

Aimed squarely at “sport” riders, it doesn’t quite fit the BFNS ethos of just getting-around-by-bike, but they still touch on some good points.


Personally, I would remove those zeros from the timings. Four and a half minutes on a bike is plenty of time to improve my mood!

Bike the Night – Photos & Blurb

July 21, 2015

Bike the Night – Matariki 2


Mid-ride photo opportunity along the Onehunga foreshore.

Had so much fun last Friday night riding with Teau Aiturau and the Triple Teez crew (Time to strive to Stay Alive). The weather was mint, there were lots of kids, lots of friendly faces, lots of unicycles, lots of flashing coloured lights, even a mid-ride fireworks display! Throw those ingredients together on a bike ride under the stars and you can’t lose really.


Unicycles. Unicycles? Unicycles!!!

It was great to meet Teau face-to-face after hearing him talk at the recent Pecha Kucha night. Hard working “people” people like Teau bring so much to their communities. Thanks to our sponsor Evolution Cycles I had a pretty flash mini-pump to give away at the post-ride sausage sizzle. I tried passing it to Teau to pick a winner, but he made me stand up and choose someone myself! Choking down the remains of a half-eaten sausage I awarded it to the youngest rider. She was a gutsy eight year old who rode the whole loop on a squeaky singlespeed keeping up with the bigger kids. Easy decision really.


Mr Tee doing his thang.

If you get the opportunity to attend one of these community night-rides I highly recommend them. With the twinkling lights and banter between riders there’s always a cool vibe. You feel safe in a big group, and the general public get involved too with lots of encouragement from pedestrians and passing traffic. Bring on the next one…


Post-ride sausage-sizzle at Mangere Town Centre.


Selfie, riding the Mangere Skypath (under the new bridge).


Is that a freak’n Penny Farthing at the back there?


Onehunga Wharf on a crisp still night.


Mind That Child!


People riding under the stars. Good times!


Fantastic pathway under the new Mangere Bridge. Why don’t all bridges have these?

p.s. I rode alongside a young chap from Highbury who commutes daily by bike and ferry to Glendowie! Then after work (on this Friday) he pedals to Mangere to join in the fun before riding all the way home. Respect to that man!!!

Waiheke Bicycle Wine Tour

July 20, 2015

I tell ya, Auckland bike culture is growing. It seems every week there’s something happening on two wheels, even over winter.

Next month Frocks on Bikes are hosting a fun event for the ladies on beautiful Waiheke. Frockers are soooooo friendly, you’ll fit in just fine!

BikeWaiheke_1240 × 1754px

Welcome to our bike wine tour – on Waiheke! With an abundance of crisp clear days, there is no better time to wrap up, get on your bike, and get warmed to the cockles of your heart between bouts of coffee or mulled wine.

Starting with a coffee at the downtown ferry terminal (discount ferry tickets for groups will be arranged), we will bike-ferry to Waiheke. Our first stop will be the Oyster Inn, for celebratory bubbles, hosted by Lady Gang! We have a $500 tab generously donated from their winning category in Love to Ride earlier this year. Some nibbles will be provided, but we urge you to have lunch before you come.

More details and updates on the Frocks on Bikes – Auckland FaceBook.

Bike The Night – Matariki

July 13, 2015

Last week at the bicycle-themed Pecha Kucha I got introduced to the South Auckland whirlwind that is Teau Aiturau. Teau (the kids call him Mr Tee) is one of those people with such energy and enthusiasm you’re left breathless just listening to what he fits in a week. Read his inspirational story over at Cycle Action Auckland, Auckland could do with more Mr Tees!

Teau’s charitable trust, Time To thrive – To Stay Alive (Triple Teez), is running a fun night-ride this Friday (17th July) to celebrate Matariki. Perfect timing for those of us with children, that’s the last day of the school holidays. BikeTheNight_Matariki Pop some fresh batteries in those blinkies, re-stock your glow-stick supplies, and join the Triple Teez for a relaxed loop from Mangere Town Centre down to Onehunga and back.

The route includes both the old and new Mangere Bridges and as we discovered at Bike Rave, riding with friends at night is a whole lot of fun!

My after-hours ride.

My after-hours ride.


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