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Bike Rave – This Friday Night!

March 3, 2015


When I started Bike Friendly North Shore all those years ago this was EXACTLY the type of bike-culture I was hoping would catch-on downunder, I was just too useless to organize it myself.

With a fixation on night-riding and LED wheel-lights I might just be there myself (if I can get a wife-pass), sounds like a lot of fun!

Hi all!

We’re pilot testing a wee bike rave, so we can hold a bigger one later in the year.

*Light* up your bike and come along for a night-time waterfront bike ride from Mission Bay to Wynyard Quarter (with a little add-on along the shiny new Westhaven boardwalk).

We’ll meet at 21:00 at the Mission Bay reserve. From there we’ll ride (slowly-ish) along the waterfront, while listening to some ear pleasing tunes.

Bring the following:

• Your bike, with loads of lights.

• Some drinks for the adventure. And um, should mention it’s potentially illegal frowned upon to cycle while intoxicated, so keep it civil ;) We’ll probably end at a bar anyway!

• If you have an amp, or portable music device, this would be rad too.

Auckland Bike Rave FaceBook

For those of us on the Shore some of the friendly folks from Bike Devonport have said they are catching the 7:45 ferry and riding to Mission Bay. They’ll leave the downtown ferry building around 8pm.

Flickr Glow

I think I have my rig dialed!


Love Your Bike – Valentines Day Picnic Ride Tomorrow!

February 13, 2015


The weather is looking fine so the Frocks on Bikes crew are super excited about riding and picnicing with you all tomorrow afternoon at Harbour View Reserve, Pt Chev. 3-5pm, access off Harbour View Rd.

Its a very open invite to all friends, partners and families – the more with bikes the better.  BYO blanket or a plate of something to share + togs / towel optional and the all important water and sunscreen.

If you are coming from the west or central they have a couple of troupes leaving from the following locations:
– 2.15 St Kevins Arcade with Nic Williams
– 2.25 at the new Oakley Creek Bridge with Jess Rose
See more on the FB events page and spread the invites:

Go By Bike Day Pit Stops – This Wednesday!

February 9, 2015


Wednesday 11th February is national Go by Bike Day where people around NZ are encouraged to get out and about by bike. The day is an opportunity for regular cyclists to inspire family, friends and colleagues to go for a ride, or for workplaces and schools to get on board and hold their own cycle event.

There’s not many free things in life these days, make an effort and ride to work this Wednesday, it’s fun.

Auckland Transport host these pit stops with a FREE coffee & muffin and on the Shore ours is at:

Caffe Massimo, 7am to 9am, 1/3 The Strand, Takapuna

That’s the official one, but I see on Bike Devonport’s FaceBook page there is also a pit stop happening at:

Santini Espresso, 7am to 9am, Old Post Office, Victoria Road, Devonport

Maybe that free coffee is enough incentive for your first ever bike-commute? Come on, it’s easy!

There’s also some activity at Smales Farm on Wednesday, but no free munchies … (thanks to reader Clare for the heads-up)

At Smales Farm, we will be celebrating through lunchtime in Car Park 1 with free Auckland Transport giveaways, bike check-ups, and electric bike rides with Flux. Bring your bike (or helmet) along to support the growing Smales Farm cycling community. 11am – 2pm Wednesday 11th February

Unsocial Media

January 29, 2015


I’ve recently joined Instagram. Itty-bitty little photos you can’t zoom-in on never really appealed, but now I’ve given it a try (and after upgrading to a smart phone from this century) I have to admit, I’m hooked.

If you’d like to keep track of my bike-life via your phone, follow me on Instagram. It’s mostly bike-related, but there will be the odd cat or child for variety. No English-breakfasts, promise.

My Instagram name is antoinepethers

Little glimpses inside Antoine's head.

Little glimpses inside Antoine’s head.



Antoine’s bike-life in high-resolution.

The Bike Friendly North Shore Flickr pool has been a total failure, nobody’s got involved, but that’s okay. I’ll probably remove that link from the sidebar but will continue to post my best photos to my own photostream.

If you want to see my (mostly) cycling photos nice and big, you can view them here. I love photography and am obviously quite keen on bicycle culture so Flickr is a great place to hang-out.



As the last person in New Zealand to join FaceBook I really shouldn’t comment on social media, but I’ll get this off my chest, I hate FaceBook.

I signed-up a few months ago to keep up-to-date with bike events, and while it’s been handy for that I’ve come to realise I just don’t want any friends!

I’d love to have a coffee / drink a beer / ride a bike with you, but I have no interest in what you had for breakfast or where you took your holidays ;^)

Visually it’s a clown throwing-up at a birthday party and I liken the experience to being tied-down and forced to listen to my little sister’s telephone conversations.

Blog-formats like this one are slowly dying and I was considering making Bike Friendly North Shore a FaceBook group, but I can’t bring myself to do it, not yet anyway. I don’t have the free time available to keep it updated.

One community group that do this really well though are Bike Devonport. Those guys are really social and I recommend friending them to keep-up with the stuff I miss posting here.

Silo Park Bike Market – Sunday, February 1st

January 27, 2015


Can’t find a lot of information on this one but if you are downtown this Sunday you may want to pedal over to Silo Park and see what’s going down.

I took the following from the Bikewise website:

Silo Markets will host a bike market to celebrate all aspects of bikes and bike culture – from accessories and apparel to maintenance and equipment. In conjunction with Bike Month, this will be a celebration of what it means to be a cyclist or biker.

Added entertainment, workshops, displays and children’s activities throughout the day will support existing cyclists and encourage interested members of the community to give cycling a go.

Auckland Transport will be on the ground supporting the two-wheeled community with workshops, repairs and information.


SkyPath – Act Now – You can make it happen!

January 19, 2015
You know you want it!

You know you want it!

I’ve just returned to civilization after weeks under canvas and realized the most important thing in Auckland’s cycling future is chest-deep in red-tape and needs our support.

After a decade of massive work by the SkyPath team, they’re at the stage where our input really counts!

The resource consent for SkyPath (cycle and walkway over Auckland’s harbour bridge) is in, and public submissions are open until Friday 23rd of January.

Generation Zero have made the submission process incredibly quick and simple, here’s the link.

I just completed it – took less than a minute. Fill out the form and play your part in Auckland’s cycling future. It’s not very often plebs like you and I can really make a difference. There’s 6000 submissions so far, let’s make it 10,000 and show the powers-that-be how much we want this!

More info over at Cycle Action Auckland, Generation Zero and the SkyPath team themselves.


‘Tis the Season

December 28, 2014
Xmas Sharrow

Image ©, with “modifications” by moi ;^)

2014 has been a quiet year on the blog, but I hope you’ve found something once in a while to tickle your fancy. With a shake-up to my full time job and much less free time I’m going for quality not quantity. That’s been taken that to the extreme somewhat and I’ve hardly written anything!

When I do have time for an extended ride, with a route I should really write about, it’s often not on the North Shore. Maybe I need to re-brand as Bike Friendly Auckland?

Anyway, this is the time of year to dust off your bike and get out in the sunshine. You don’t have to go far, you don’t have to go fast, just have some fun.

bush commute

A section of my commute in suburban Campbells Bay. Could be the middle of nowhere, I am so lucky!

The bike-advocate in me is thinking ‘maybe you should ride to work next year? Just once, to see what it’s like’ – think of it as an “adventure”.

It seems weird remembering how the concept of riding to work scared the shit out of me a few short years ago. I was riding a singlespeed mountainbike at the time, and then (as now) was totally obsessed with cycling. But commuting was a different proposition: How long would it take? What would I wear? Would I get sweaty? How do I carry my stuff?

My philosophy now is not to preach how to do things, better just to have a go and see what works for you. I will say though that I tested my route in the weekend first and that “dummy run” removed most of the stress and doubt. Start slow, just one day a week, and see if you like it? No pressure!!!

Have a great New Years everyone and I’ll see you here in 2015 – Antoine


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