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Winter Bike Rave goes off!

May 24, 2015

Downtown Disco (Best bike of the night I reckon)

The weather gods were VERY kind to us. In what seemed like a week of constant rain Friday evening was still and dry as 300-400 riders (best guest) cruised the waterfront, lights flashing, tunes pumping, disco-balls shimmering.

Starting at Mission Bay we cruised the bike path to the city. There’s something quite special about that view of Downtown as you ride around the Bays. The winter air was crisp and clear and the city lights shone neon streaks across the water towards us. That wasn’t the only neon on show, people had made a real effort this time with some spectacularly decorated bikes and costumes.

I took my 9 year old daughter, and despite a smattering of excitable yoof it was a pretty kid-friendly event – not that she’s the target audience of course. It was a long haul for little legs riding out to Mission Bay, but it made sense to park the sag-wagon down by the harbour bridge where the ride would eventually end.

Like Bike Rave Auckland on FaceBook and get along to the next one, highly recommended!


Bike-Ravers Ahead




Concentrated Raving


Queens Wharf Stop ©Paul Ohlsen (Some tall git in the foreground)


“I’m having a really bad time Dad.”

Neon Ravers ©Paul Ohlsen

Neon Ravers ©Paul Ohlsen

#bikeraveAKL Tonight!!!

May 22, 2015


1100 people say they’re going on FaceBook, even if a quarter of those turn up it’s going to be a fun night! The first bikeraveAKL was a great success, grab some glow-sticks and join the party…

Here’s the latest details straight from the raver’s mouth: 

Come be a little rock n’ roll with us again Friday, May 22th. We’re traveling from Mission Bay to the Harbour Bridge, so those who missed last rave will still get a chance to rage while gandering across at the pretty Auckland lights and water.

So don your smartest human sky tower costume, indulge in a glow in the dark unicorn bike frame, or turn your cargo trailer into a pop-up disco for one. Go go go!

1. Radio (we’ll play 95bFM).
2. Snacks and supplies.
3. Camera (we want to document all of the goodness).
4. Lights
5. Rain Jacket, you never know.
6. CASH for food truck food.

1. We will have marshals in pink reflective jackets, with “CREW” on the back. If you have any questions on the day, ask them, they’re there to help. They’ll be helping keep you safe.
2. We’ll be taking the foot/ bike path from Mission Bay right to under the bridge. So no worries about cars.
3. There will be a few stops where we can chill or rave, and also to announce the competition winner.
4. The event is completely free.

Flock to Mission Bay from 7.30. We aim to leave at 8pm.

Bike Rave will be making two main stops along the way after leaving Mission Bay.
1. Mechanics Bay, where the crowd will judge the best costume. Winner gets a Hey Reflect’o vest!
2. They’ll stop at Queen’s Wharf for dance times.
Then they’re ending under the Harbour Bridge for celebratory Banger Boys deliciousness.

Win A Bike

Event sponsor Lescykill have some pretty awesome offers for you all:

1. Their bikes will be 15% off the retail price for Bike Rave! Wee!
2. There’s a photo competition with three great prizes to be won:
– First place is a LescykillBicycle Schlüter SS bike (RRP$499),
– Second place is a LescykillBicycle iPhone wood-case (RRP$79),
– Third place is a LescykillBicycle 25% OFF Voucher.

Stop by the FaceBook Event Page for further info.

More Bike-Commuting Legends

May 21, 2015

Some more entries in our commuter Mini-Pump competition, you have until the end of May to get those photos to us.

Plenty of variety in the entries so far with road, mountain, city and e-bikes all represent’n.


Clare’s repurposed MTB. Steel is real!

“Commute 3-4 times a week between Campbells Bay and Smales Farm (across the golf course, down Forrest Hill, missing the parents parking in the T2 lane to park the bike in the dry under Voda!). Sometimes even take the bike for a cross train ride at lunchtime!”


Ben’s murdered-out steed… If Darth Vader commuted by bike.

“Photo of my bike at the Downtown ferry terminal on my commute yesterday. I ride to either Queen Street or Smales Farm pretty much every day from Beach Haven.”


Whoa, sexy bike parking facilities Lisa!

Lisa’s commute takes her from Windsor Park to the CBD via East Coast Road and the Devonport Ferry – 14km each way. That’s the simplified version – there’s cars and kids and the occasional bus involved in the extended-mix!

Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

May 19, 2015

We’ve got a shiny new e-bike in the test-fleet this week and I’m running it through it’s paces on my daily commute. The bike in question is a New Zealand designed SmartMotion eUrban from local e-bike specialist Bute Bikes.

Chris from Bute let me borrow a Pedego e-bike a couple of years ago and my ride impression of that day-glow orange cruiser is one of the most searched-out posts on this site.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as I’ve recently injured my shoulder. Despite several hours of painkiller-assisted mountainbiking in the weekend it doesn’t feel any better (go figure) and I rolled out of bed this morning like an 90 year old man.

I was running late, the roads were soaking wet, yet I arrived at work in record time with dry feet and a dry back after a mostly uphill commute. Maybe there’s something to e-bikes after all?

Bike Commuters In Da House!

May 18, 2015

Entries are rolling-in for our commuter Mini-Pump competition, you have until the end of May to enter.

These photos warm my heart as I work some really unsociable hours, and even riding most days I seldom see another bike. Well, I see the hard-ass-get-up-at-5am-and-ride-70km-roadies, but not normal folk just getting to work.

It’s nice having a little connection with some of the Bike Friendly readers too, blogging can be a lonely gig. Thanks for taking the time guys!

MiniPumpComp Steve N

Steve – “Commute everyday from Oteha Valley to Constellation Drive Mairangi Bay, via Albany.”

MiniPumpComp Nicholas C

Nicholas – “Here’s a picture of my bike in the locker at the Albany Park and Ride.  I don’t ride my bike all the way to work, just five minutes down the hill!  I live in Oteha Albany.  I do this ride every week day. Walking home is too boring!”

MiniPumpComp Brendan S

Brendan – “I commute every day by bike from Devonport to my job in town. I ride to mission bay after work a few times a week for fitness. I love my Advantage Inc belt bike!”

Ride to Work? Win a Mini-Pump!

May 14, 2015

Thanks to our sponsor Evolution Cycles I’ve got some prizes to give away. But I’m not handing them out willy-nilly, you have to earn them!


The swag in question are little mini-pumps like the ones being eaten above, we have four to give away. Mount them below your bottle-cage (with the included bracket) or chuck one in your backpack or jersey pocket. They are Presta and Schrader compatible by reversing the rubber doodad in the head. Maybe not the right pump if you puncture regularly, but sure handy for emergencies.

Now, we’ve never run a competition on BFNS before, so it’s new territory. I thought for this first one we’ll limit the entries to North Shore residents and see what response we get? If the four regular readers enter, their odds are pretty good ;^)

The Competition

  1. To enter the draw take a photograph of your bike parked at work.
  2. Email it to with the subject line ‘mini-pump competition’.
  3. Include your name and address. (I’ll only publish your first name)
  4. Tell us how often you commute to work by bike and what suburbs you ride between?

It’s that simple! You can be a daily rider or it might be your very first time, that doesn’t matter, you’re all welcome to enter.

I’ll post the best ones up on the site but you don’t have to take a great photo or ride a long distance to win, every entry goes in the draw!

The Fine Print

  • The four winners will be drawn at random – Your photo doesn’t have to be a work-of-art.
  • One entry per person.
  • You must live on the North Shore – Albany and Long Bay being the furthest North I can pedal prizes.
  • You give permission for your submitted photo and (first) name to be used on this site.
  • Entry email must be received by Sunday 31st May, 2015.
  • Prize winners will be notified the first week of June, 2015.

Good Luck!

Bike Rave Postponed until next Friday 22nd May

May 13, 2015


Here’s some more details on (next) Friday’s Bike Rave from the Bike Rave Crew, so take note!

On Friday we will be meeting from 7:30pm at the Mission Bay reserve. From here we will leave around 8:15pm. We’ll have some spare glow sticks and lights to add some final touches to your bike. Best looking ride wins a sweet-as prize thanks to our friends at Hey Reflect’o!
Music: While we have some big speakers, please bring your own sound as well. We have partnered up with 95bFM to provide us with some cool tunes along the ride, so make sure that whatever device you bring can play old fashioned radio. (Dust off that old ghetto blaster!)
Supplies: There’ll be some food available at the end, but bring some snacks and “supplies” for along the way. You also might want to pack a little rain jacket, you never know :-)


  1. We will have marshals in pink reflective jackets, with “CREW” on the back. If you have any questions on the day, ask them, they’re there to help. They’ll be helping keep you safe. 
  2. We’ll be taking the foot/bike path from Mission Bay right to under the bridge. No worries about cars!
  3. There will be a few stops where we can chill or rave, and also to announce the competition winner.
  4. The event is completely free.
  5. Rain date is a week later, 22 May!

There’s be a few more snippets of news on the way, so keep an eye on on the FaceBook group or follow on Twitter: Bike Rave FaceBook Group Twitter feed! @bikeraveAKL Kindly sponsored by LesCykill


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