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Bike to the Future: Postponed to Sunday 28th September

August 31, 2014

Wind and rain have forced us to postpone to the 28th of September, when the sun will be out. We want to make the ride bigger and better than ever, so spread the word, put it in the calendar and we’ll see you in a month!


Bike to the Future – Ride for K’ Road Separated Cycle Lanes – This Sunday

August 30, 2014

This is plagiarism of the highest order but I’ve just spotted the post below over on Cycle Action Auckland’s website so I’ve reproduced it here in the hope they can get a couple more bums on (bike) seats from this side of the bridge! 

If we want more Aucklanders moving around the city by bike you have to make it safer and easier. Proven infrastructure like separated cycle lanes are what’s called for on busy streets and K’Road is an absolute sitter for such a design. If you have time this Sunday morning pop over the bridge and show your support. Within a large group of cyclists you’ll feel safe-as-houses and have a great time…


The team at Generation Zero are holding a cycle rally on Sunday to show support for the proposed separated cycle lanes on K’ Road. Please go along to show your support.

The ride will meet at the corner of K’ Road and Ponsonby Road at 10.30am and some speakers (including Cycle Action Auckland’s own cycling champion, Barb Cuthbert) will address the crowd. The ride will then set off at 11am down Ponsonby Road and back, then down K’ Road across Grafton Bridge then back around to St Kevins Arcade where there will be a few stalls, stands and displays. It should take around 30 minutes to complete the ride.

What: A cycle ride in support of separated cycle lanes on K’Road. Ride will take about 30 mins

When: 10.30am on Sunday, 31 August : POSTPONED

Where: Corner K’ Road and Ponsonby Road

Weather postponement: Sunday, 28th September

You can also sign a petition in support here. There is also more information at Gen Zero’s Facebook page – so far 400-500 people have indicated they are attending. Let’s make it a nice round 1,000!

If you need any convincing check out Gen Zero’s 8 reasons why the cycle lanes are needed. There is some great discussion and debate here at Transport Blog.



Bike Devonport

August 20, 2014


Devonport is already a fantastic place to ride a bike. Let’s work together to make it even better and get more bums on bikes.

… So goes the blurb on the new Bike Devonport FaceBook page, sounds like a plan to me.

Inspired by the very successful Bike Te Atatu, Bike Devonport is the brainchild of Ben Lenihan and Chris Werry. With representation on the Takapuna-Devonport Local Board they’re chipping away at annoying (and potentially dangerous) shortfalls in local cycling infrastructure with the genius idea of Micro-Projects.

Although we all want shiny separated bike lanes and SkyPaths over the harbour bridge, small improvements can often be incorporated in the next street refresh or maintenance round by Auckland Transport with minimal extra cost. Something as simple as repainting a cycle lane or smoothing a transition over a curb can make a big difference to your ride.


It’s nice to know everyday cyclists like us have a word-in-the-ear of decision makers in roading and infrastructure. I certainly couldn’t deal with local bodies without having a temper-tantrum or nervous breakdown, so I’m grateful groups like Bike Devonport are doing it on my behalf.

My initial thought was North Shore “roadies” could identify problems and pinch-points (riding at the speeds they do) that plodders like myself don’t even think about. So, Lycra-Cowboys®, join the FaceBook Group and get your own micro-project on that list!

Northcote Safe Cycle Route – Give Your Feedback

August 16, 2014

That’s a great corridor for commuters and everyday folks just trying to get across town safely.

There are two weeks left to provide feedback to the powers-that-be on the proposed Northcote Safe Cycle Route.

The kerfuffle caused by some Northcote locals worried about losing on-street parking needs to be countered. I’d like to see as much positive support from North Shore cyclists as we can muster.

Read about the proposed route, look at the maps and diagrams and tell them what you think via the online feedback form. In my opinion it’s a couple of minutes well spent!

How cool would it be to ride through Northcote onto the SkyPath and straight into downtown Auckland? The SkyPath (over the harbour bridge) is by no means a done-deal, even if logic tells us it should happen. What we get in the meantime with this proposed infrastructure is safer roads for Northcote locals moving around under their own steam and people like us just passing through.

Wheels for the Mind

August 9, 2014

Riding bikes makes you feel good. Cruising to the dairy for a bottle of milk in the depths of a dark day can put a smile to my face, break me out of that bad mood, put problems in context.

I always thought it was fresh-air, exercise, the endorphins and all that. Make it past minute-nine on SLOMO and you realize it could be your acceleration around the centre of the earth at play, that’s John’s theory anyway!

A successful neurologist who abandons the mansion and Ferrari for a life on little wheels…


An Iraq war veteran finding some peace via his fixed-gear bike…


The simple joy of mastering that first ride…


Wok ‘n Woll people, Wok ‘n Woll…

Cycling with your Best Friend

August 4, 2014


I’ve tried cycling with dogs before – don’t go there! Although I’ve seen it done successfully, your little pal running beside the bike on a lead is a recipe-for-disaster in my book. What if you could take the pooch ON YOUR BICYCLE?

BuddyRider is a kind of “child-seat” for your bike, specially designed for transporting that hairy four-legged child in your life in safety and comfort.

Local cyclist Jason Shaw thought it was such a great idea he’s started a business importing and selling the BuddyRider throughout Australasia.

Much like the child-carriers so popular in Japan and Europe, your pride & joy is sitting right there in front of you enjoying the same views. They’re not out-of-sight on the carrier behind, getting up to mischief .


Tempted as I am to purchase one of these for my own “buddy” Rex, I’m not sure the good folks of Mairangi Bay are ready for sharing the footpath with a 70kg Komodo Dragon.

Anyway, I’m currently trying to sell Jason an ad over on the side column there, so if you buy one of these pooch-pods make sure you tell them Bike Friendly North Shore sent ya. Woof!

Share The Road

July 29, 2014

I’ve had precious time this past month to write posts so I thought I’d share some graphical magic from Singapore.

As a bike-nerd and graphic artist, really simple, really clever, bike-centric illustrations are one of my favourite things. It’s not easy breaking down a graphic to its simplest form and if you can get a message across at the same time you are a 100%-gold-plated-winner in my book.

share the road graphics

100copies is the brainchild of Singapore Creative Director Thomas Yang. An avid cyclist, he decided to combine two of his passions – bicycles and art – into 100copies.

All of the designs are Thomas’ work and are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies. Each piece is watermarked, labeled with the title and edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.

Most of it is way out of my price-range, but I admire his business-acumen as much as his artistry. Imagine making money drawing bicycles – DREAM JOB!!!


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